Roseville City Jail--Closed

The Roseville City Jail is now closed.   Several years ago, the police department began planning to close the City Jail once the Placer County Sheriff’s Department’s South Placer Jail opened.  With a county-operated facility opening within Roseville’s city limits, it didn’t make sense for Roseville to operate a separate jail.  All Roseville Police correctional staff have now either left the department for opportunities elsewhere, or are transitioning to other open positions within the police department.  With no correctional staff remaining to operate the jail, it is now closed.  The Roseville Police Department will continue to be housed in our existing building at 1051 Junction Boulevard--just the basement-level jail area is being closed, and will soon be converted to provide much-needed additional office space and storage.

All Roseville Police arrestees who require booking will be taken to the main County Jail in Auburn until such time as the intake and booking unit opens in the South Placer Jail facility.  (The Sheriff’s Office is opening the South Placer Jail in phases.  Currently it is being used to house longer-term inmates, but is not yet accepting newly arrested people for intake and booking.)

This is a historic milestone for the Roseville Police Department!   Due to our distance from the main county jail in Auburn, we’ve operated our own jail since the beginning of our history as a police department.  The 1909 Roseville City Marshall’s office was located in the middle of all the action in the rowdy railroad town, in the Barker Hotel; the “jail” was a small box-like structure located conveniently nearby.  During the Great Depression, a WPA-funded project added an annex onto the new City Hall at 316 Vernon Street to house the jail.   The Roseville Police Department and jail remained there until 1973, when a shared police, fire and municipal court facility opened at 401 Oak Street--the current home of Roseville Fire Station No. 1 and the City’s Information Technology Department.   In 1998, the Roseville City Jail opened in its final home, the ground floor of our current police facility at 1051 Junction Boulevard.

The Roseville City Jail has been a great asset to the Roseville Police Department and Roseville community for many years.  We appreciate and thank the many fine professional men and women who have staffed our jail over the years. 

Roseville Police Department arrests

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Frequently asked questions after an arrest

Where is the arrestee's car?

Unless the arrestee's car was left at the scene or released to a licensed friend or relative, it was most likely towed and stored by one of the following local towing companies. The jail staff may be able to tell you which towing company was used.

ABC Towing (916) 725-9000
Ace in the Hole Towing (916) 781-6111
All Valley Towing DAY:  (916)729-6569  NIGHT:  (916)334-8697
Anderson Towing (916)783-1992
Classic Towing (916) 786-6800
H&L Towing (916) 474-4214
Jake's Towing (916) 726-5447
LJ's Towing (916)489-8600
Neighborhood Enterprise Towing (NET) (916)786-7677
Sierra Hart Towing (916)780-1448

What is the next step after being released from jail on a bail bond or a notice to appear in court?

The arrestee will be given a bail receipt or a notice to appear with court appearance information at the bottom. Please retain this notice and appear in court at the scheduled date and time. There will be no further notification from the court. If the arrestee does not appear in court as scheduled, the court may issue an arrest warrant for failure to appear.

How do I find out about someone's status in the Placer County Jail?

You can call the Placer County Jail at (530) 745-8500, or view the Placer County Jail's in-custody roster, which includes visitation, charges and bail information, here.

What happens at an arraignment?

The arraignment is an arrestee's first appearance in court after an arrest. Arrestees will hear the charges against them, will be asked if they need a public defender to represent them, and will be asked to enter a guilty or not guilty plea.

How can I contact the Placer County Court?

Call them at 916-408-6000, or visit their website for much more information about court procedures.