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Prepare for the Hiring Process

Preparing for the law enforcement hiring process should start before filling out an application.  Many law enforcement applicants are disqualified due to problems that could have been prevented earlier in life.  The following suggestions will help you prepare for the hiring process and make you a desirable candidate: 
  • Don’t Use Drugs - Recent illegal drug use will disqualify you from a job in law enforcement.  If you have used drugs... STOP NOW!!!
  • Watch Your Alcohol Use - Alcohol is a drug that can lead to a whole host of disqualifying behaviors, including fighting, driving under the influence, and poor judgment.
  • Stop Using Tobacco - Roseville police officers are prohibited from smoking or using any tobacco products, on or off duty.
  • Protect Your Driving Record - Law enforcement employees must have good driving histories. The background investigator will look at the number of tickets you have received and your traffic collision history.
  • Make Fitness a Way of Life - Law enforcement is a strenuous job. Your safety and the safety of others can depend upon your physical fitness.  Your fitness regiment should include regular vigorous aerobic exercise and strength training.  A video depicting the Roseville Police Department’s physical agility test for police officers is posted on our website on the Physical Agility page.  In addition, if you are in the process of applying for a Police Officer position with the Roseville Police Department, you can get involved in Workout Wednesday.
  • Pay Your Bills - How you handle your finances reveals your level of responsibility and maturity.  A heavy load of debt and financial pressures makes you vulnerable to temptation.  Law enforcement agencies will check your credit history during the background investigation process.  Make sure you are handling your money well and paying all your bills on time.
  • Develop Solid Writing Skills - Writing is a major part of the job of a police officer.  An officer must be able to quickly write a clear, accurate, and logical report while using good grammar, punctuation and spelling.  Visit the Written Exam page to learn more about how to prepare. 
  • Whatever Your Job is Now, Do it Well - No matter what your job is now, do your very best.  Be known for your honesty, dependability and a strong work ethic.  Get along well with others.  Don’t call in sick when you’re not.  Good references from previous employers are critical to getting a job in law enforcement.
  • A College Education is a Plus - An associate’s or bachelor’s degree will expand your personal horizons and improve your chances of getting a law enforcement job.  You do not have to major in criminal justice.  Successful police officers have degrees in all kinds of subjects, including the liberal arts, psychology, business, and the sciences.  In addition, an associate's or bachelor's degree can earn you up to 12.5% in incentive pay at Roseville PD.
  • Demonstrate Maturity and Responsibility - Law enforcement officers must demonstrate maturity and personal responsibility.  For starters, don’t ask your mom or significant other to job hunt for you!  Make your own phone calls and do your own career research.
  • Strengthen Your Self Esteem - A law enforcement officer needs to be assertive, self-confident, outgoing, personable, and be able to interact well with all kinds of people.  These factors are directly related to your self-esteem and are evaluated during the interview process.  Learn more about how to prepare by visiting the Interview page.
  • Set Your Values and be True to Them - Ethics are defined as what a person does when no one is looking.  Be honest in all your dealings.  Be true to your values, and don’t allow peer pressure to change who you are.
  • Go on a Ride Along - A career in law enforcement is not for everyone and can often be demanding and stressful.  Going on a ride along is a great way to experience the job, to verify that it is something you want to do, and to see whether Roseville Police Department is the agency for you.  It is important for applicants to apply for a ride along as early in the hiring process as possible.  Click here to obtain a ride along form.  Print the form, fill it out, and turn it in at the Roseville Police Department.  
  • Organize Your Vital Documents - Applicants for law enforcement positions are often surprised by the amount of information required during the application process.  Complete job histories, including the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all past employers, birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, tax returns, and college transcripts are all documents that we will want.  Visit the Background Investigation page for additional information. 
For more information about becoming a police officer in California, visit the Peace Officer’s Standards and Training (POST) website at .  Continue to browse our recruitment website or contact a recruiter for more information about employment at the Roseville Police Department.