City Projects

Responsibilities & Duties

The responsibilities and duties of the Engineering City Projects staff include:

  • Constructing capital improvement projects such as new bridges and roadway segments (those not constructed by developers);
  • Constructing City buildings such as Fire Stations and City Libraries; 
  • Widening existing roadways in accordance with the City's Capital Improvement Program (CIP);
  • Constructing flood control improvements;
  • Constructing major roadway repairs and asphalt overlays (minor repairs are done by the Street Maintenance Division);
  • Constructing bike trail repairs;
  • Responding to complaints about damaged curb, gutters and sidewalks; and responding to complaints about damaged sound walls.

    45,250 waste tires were diverted from California landfills thanks to these projects

     Project Number of Tires
     2012 Industrial Avenue Overlay Project  17,820
     2012 Cape Seal Project  8,100
     2013 Cape Seal  / Slurry Seal Parking Lot Project  2,280
     2013 Cape / Slurry Seal Project  18,050
       42,250 Total Tires Diverted

    Funded in part by a grant from the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery.

Raul Cervantes
Senior Engineer in Charge

Public Works - Engineering
City Projects
311 Vernon Street
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