Floodplain Management

Responsibilities & Duties

The responsibilities of the Engineering Floodplain Management staff include:

  • Providing information about the flood threat caused by streams in Roseville;
  • Providing restrictions and regulations that govern the use of floodplains;
  • Providing information on how property owners can protect themselves from flood damage;
  • Providing information on the National Flood Insurance Program; and
  • Operating and maintaining the Flood Alert System (stream levels in creeks).

Floodplain Management Information

Current Stream Levels
Constructing in the Floodplain

Flood Warning Response and Notification
Flood Zone Information
Flood Determination Request Form
Mandatory Purchase of Flood Insurance
High Water Mark Information
What to do Before, During, and After a Flood
FEMA Flood Insurance Information
Flood Facts

FEMA issues new draft flood maps throughout Placer County

Some Placer residents can soon look forward to lower flood insurance premiums now that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has issued new draft flood maps for the county. But in a number of areas, including some mapped for the first time, flood risk has increased and may change flood insurance requirements and costs for some property owners.

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