Changeable Message Signs

Roseville is incorporating Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technology along with our recently upgraded signal system to help reduce the amount of traffic congestion on busy roadways. The City uses ITS technology with the goal of improving traffic circulation throughout the City as well as to decrease driver aggravation by providing them timely and relevant traveler information. This is accomplished by publishing real-time City traffic congestion, construction, special event, and major traffic incident information via the Internet and on CMS's (Changeable Message Signs). A CMS is a traffic control device located along selected roadways that displays real-time information to motorists, such as accidents and special events, and aids in providing motorists with real-time information which allows the driver to make informed decisions regarding their travel options.

Current Locations:
- Galleria Blvd. near the Galleria Mall
- Washington Blvd. near the Placer County Fairgrounds
- Atlantic Street between Yosemite Street and Tiger Way
- Riverside Avenue south of Cirby Way
- Douglas Blvd. west of Professional Drive
- Sierra College Blvd. north of E. Roseville Parkway
- Sunrise Avenue south of Cirby Way
- Baseline Blvd. east of Fiddyment Road
- Foothills Blvd. South of Cirby Way

Future Locations:
- Blue Oaks Blvd east of Woodcreek Oaks Blvd - Spring 2015
- Pleasant Grove Blvd north of Roseville Pkwy - Spring 2015

For questions regarding Roseville's CMS's, contact: Tony Philip, Assistant Engineer at (916) 746-1300 or, or Jason Shykowski at (916) 746-1300 or

For more information regarding changeable message signs (CMS's), see the link below from the U.S. Department of Transportation - Federal Highway Administration:
FHWA -- CMS Operation & Messaging Handbook

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