Oak Ridge Drive Bridge Replacement Project

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Project Overview

The Oak Ridge Bridge Replacement Project will provide a new bridge over Linda Creek. The new bridge will be on Oak Ridge Drive just north of Cirby Way and south of Coloma Way. The project will replace a functionally obsolete and hydraulically inadequate bridge and, ultimately, improve safety.

The Project Includes

-   Expanded sidewalks on both sides of the street

-   Improved vehicle travel due to widened lanes and shoulder widths

-   Raised roadway profile for better ADA access and improved storm water passage under the bridge


The project is currently in the environmental review and design phase. The construction of the bridge replacement is scheduled to begin late summer of 2017. There will be a detour during construction that will permit faster construction, a safer construction site, and will result in less impacts and cost. The existing bike trail adjacent to Oak Ridge Bridge will be accessible from Charleston Circle during construction up to the construction site where cyclists will be required to back track on the trail.

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