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Our Mission

Improve and maintain our community's storm drain system to minimize hazards.

Programs & Goals

  • Maintain the present and future drainage facilities, structures, curbs and gutters better than, or as close to, original construction or standard.
  • Maintain the drainage system to flow at optimal capacity.
  • Maintain safe facilities and related structures.

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Flush and clean mains, laterals and other structures annually.
  • Temporarily patch, grind or replace identified sidewalk safety issues.
  • Remove and replace misaligned or unserviceable curbs and gutters.
  • Clean, clear or spray inlets and outfalls. (Use in-house or contract forces to reconstruct to current standards or remove and replace to maintain curbs and gutters, drain lines, drain inlets, inlet and out falls, and other related structures).


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