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Harding to Royer Extension of Miner's Ravine Trail

The Harding to Royer Bike Trail project will extend the existing Miner's Ravine Trail from Harding Boulevard to Lincoln Street in Downtown Roseville, with on-street connections to Royer Park.

The Miner's Ravine trail extension will be great for bicycle commuting, recreational cycling, walking, jogging and dog-walking. The project also coordinates with the City’s revitalization of Downtown Roseville, and allows the City to host fun runs and other events on the trail from Downtown Roseville. The project is part of the City’s promotion of bicycling as a low-cost, quiet, non-polluting, sustainable and healthy form of transportation. The Miner's Ravine trail extension and other bikeway additions contribute to air quality improvement through reduced vehicular emissions, improved traffic circulation, lower use of non-renewable fuels, and reduced health care costs because of healthier citizens.

The project is intended to create a safe and continuous off-street trail that will connect Downtown Roseville to the outlying Northeast and Stoneridge areas. The project will be built in three or four phases:

Phase 1 – Phase 1 extends the trail from Harding Boulevard to East Street, including a bridge over Dry Creek. Construction began in August 2008 and was completed in mid-December 2008. This phase created trail access for residents in the Enwood and Sierra Vista neighborhoods.

Phase 2 – Phase 2 extends the trail from East Street to Folsom Road. This phase provides the much-needed connection to Downtown Roseville, with on-street access to Royer Park provided on an interim basis along Linda Drive to Lincoln Street. Staff began construction on Phase 2 in 2009.

Phase 3 – Phase 3 would extend the trail from Folsom Road to Lincoln Street, with on-street access to Royer Park provided along Oak Street and Lincoln Street. Construction of this phase will be coordinated with the Downtown Specific Plan to ensure compatibility with that project’s planned improvements.

Downtown Specific Plan - The proposed Downtown Specific Plan includes an extension of the trail under Lincoln Street to a re-aligned Icehouse Bridge, taking the trail directly into Royer Park. When this phase is complete, the Miners Ravine Trail will boast 9 miles of continuous trail.


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