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Are parks and bike trails safe?
Roseville Police officers patrol parks and bike trails regularly. The Police Department will cite people if they are illegally camping within city limits, consuming alcohol in parks, or breaking any other law or city ordinance. It is not unlawful for people to congregate or be in a public park.

If you ever see evidence of people camping, drinking, fighting, or breaking other laws, or you see any other suspicious activity, call the Roseville Police Department at 911 for emergency situations or 774-5000 extension 1 for a non-emergency.

Phone: (916) 774-5000
How can I rent a bike locker?
Twelve lockers are available free for public use as part of residents’ commute trip to work. Four lockers each are located at Maidu Park (1550 Maidu Drive), the park-and-ride lots, the Amtrak Station (201 Pacific Street), and the Taylor Road site (1853 Taylor Road).

To reserve a bike locker, call the department’s Transportation Division at (916) 774-5293.
How can my child get to school?
Local school districts provide school bus services. Please contact your child's local school about the programs and policies for school bus transportation.

Students are also welcome to use Roseville Transit Local service. Roseville Transit presently travels to all local high schools and many local middle schools. A complete listing of current stops and routes can be found in the Roseville Transit Bus Services Guide and online. Current laws prevent students from using Roseville Transit Dial-A-Ride services to go to and from school.

Students are eligible for a discounted student fare on Roseville Transit's Local service. Students must be age 5 - 18, or still in High School to qualify.

Phone: (916) 745-7560
Is there a Rideshare program?
Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) has established a regional ride matching database that can assist you in finding others with whom to carpool, vanpool, or bike to and from work. Carpooling, vanpooling, taking the train or bus - even walking and bicycling for those who live within a reasonable distance to work - are all Ridesharing commute alternatives to driving alone that reduce traffic congestion and help improve air quality. Rideshare daily, weekly, or even once in a while!
What forms of public transportation are there in the city?
The City of Roseville has two forms of public transportation as well as an extensive network of off-street and on-street bikeways:

Transit (bus) Services
Roseville Transit offers Local fixed route and Dial-A-Ride services within the City of Roseville, and Commuter service to and from Sacramento and the Highway 50 corridor. Placer County Transit and Sacramento Regional Transit also provide public transit connections to and from Roseville Transit.

The City of Roseville has an extensive network of off-street and on-street bikeways. View more information on the City's bikeways.

Train Services
Amtrak Capital Corridor provides train services between Auburn and San Jose, which includes a stop in Roseville.

Phone: (916) 774-5293
What services does the Transportation Division provide?
The Transportation Division of Public Works is intent on providing services that will help you use alternative methods of transportation, such as transit, bicycling, carpooling, vanpooling and walking. We do this to help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. The primary services we provide are:

  1. Roseville Transit (planning, operations, capital improvements, education and marketing);
  2. Bikeways (planning, construction, maintenance, maintenance and marketing); and,
  3. Transportation Systems Management (working with large employment centers to reduce the number of single occupant vehicles during peak hours of traffic, including program implementation and development, training, and marketing, and park and ride lots).


Where can I get a map of bike trails in the Roseville?

You can obtain a Parks, Trails & Bikeways Map from the Public Works – Alternative Transportation Division by calling (916) 774-5293 or e-mailing You can also view a copy here.

Where can I get more information about trails in Roseville?
For those interested in bike routes within the City of Roseville, please visit our website to download a bike map of the City’s existing network of bike paths, lanes, and routes as well as bikeways planned for the future.  For more information, please call 774-5293.
Why is there more debris in the bike lanes than on the rest of the city streets?
All bike lanes in Roseville are swept at regular intervals.

Due to the amount of construction going on in Roseville and surrounding areas, the bike lanes can accumulate debris in the intervening time. Often times, debris from construction vehicles and other vehicles falls on the road. Passing vehicles tend to kick the debris up, but bikes don't. The debris naturally starts to accumulate in the gutter and bike lane. (Notice: debris is heaviest in the gutter next to the curb, then gets lighter toward the outer edge of the bike lane, and is lightest of all in the auto lanes.) This can make it look as if the streets have been swept and the bike lanes haven't, which isn’t the case – it’s really a matter of how the debris gets distributed after it falls.

Drivers and bicyclists alike should note that the California Vehicle Code permits bicyclists to leave a bicycle lane, when necessary, to avoid debris or other hazardous conditions; however, bicyclists may only leave a bicycle lane when the movement can be made with reasonable safety and then only after giving an appropriate hand signal in the event any vehicle might be affected by the movement.

If you notice a problem area, contact the Street Maintenance Division at or (916) 774-5790

Phone: (916) 774-5790
Fax: (916) 774-5756
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