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Local Service


Roseville Transit Local Service operates fixed-routes in Roseville with connections to Placer County Transit and Sacramento Regional Transit.

Monday - Friday: 5:45 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
No Sunday service

If you plan to travel on Sundays, you may use Roseville Transit Dial-A-Ride.

Local Routes 
Each Local Service route is identified by a letter.*

Effective Aug. 8, 2016: Local Bus Services Guide

    View a map of the Local service routes.

  • Route A
  • Route B
  • Route C
  • Route E
  • Route F
  • Route G
  • Route D
  • Route L 
  • Route M 
  • Route R
  • Route S

    Local Service Fares
    View the current fares.

    Local Service Holidays
    View the current holiday schedule.

    Bus Stops
    Roseville Transit Local bus stops are marked with the sign shown here. On the front of each bus is a destination sign showing the route letter. The route letters match those shown on the Local Service Map. Please note that bus stop signs are the only indicator of active bus stops. Bus shelters may exist at stops which are no longer served, or may be served in the future.

    How to Ride Local Buses 

    En Español.

    Connecting Between Transit Systems 

    Roseville Transit to Placer County Transit (PCT)
    Use a Roseville Transit Local Daily or 30-Day Pass to board Placer County Transit at the Galleria Transfer Point or the Louis Orlando Transit Center. You may also pay Placer County Transit's fixed-route fare. The Summer Youth Bus Pass can be used (June 1 - August 31) to board. 

    Placer County Transit (PCT) to Roseville Transit
    Use a Placer County Transit transfer, or PCT 24-Hour or 30-Day Pass to board Roseville Transit at the Galleria Transfer Point or the Louis Orlando Transit Center. You may also pay Roseville Transit's Local fare. The Summer Youth Bus Passcan be used (June 1 - August 31) to board.

    Roseville Transit to Sacramento Regional Transit (Sac RT)
    Use a Local Daily or 30-Day Pass to board Sacramento Regional Transit at the Louis Orlando Transit Center. Or, pay Sac RT's fare.

    Sacramento Regional Transit  (Sac RT) to Roseville Transit
    Use a Sac RT Daily, Semi-Monthly, or Monthly Pass to board Roseville Transit at the Louis Orlando Transit Center. Or, pay Roseville Transit's Local fare.

    Bike and Ride
    Travel farther on Roseville Transit by combining your trip with a bike. All Roseville Transit buses are equipped with two front-mounted bike racks.
    Learn more.

    * Please Note: Routes and schedules are subject to change.




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