Safe Routes Programs

Active 4 Me is an innovative program that schools can use to increase the number of students using active transportation to and from school. (Walking or Biking) The program uses barcode technology to capture trips to school and computes the impact each trip has on CO2, gas, dollars, and calories. Each student is given a barcode tag and it’s entered into the database. On program days, a volunteer scans in each student as they arrive, capturing that trip. This data can then be summarized and posted on the school's web site. An additional service offered with this program is the ability to immediately notify a parent by text(SMS), phone, or e-mail that their student has arrived at school. Currently, seven of the City’s elementary schools are using the Active4 Me program. For more information on this program please visit:  

Active4 me Resources

Congratulations to all the Roseville schools who participated in an enormously successful Walk to School Day 2015 Event! Nine Roseville schools including: Coyote Ridge, Woodbridge, Kaseberg, Spanger, Stoneridge, Diamond Creek, Junction, Fiddyment Farms and Cirby Elementary Schools had an average participation of 60% of school enrollment! ....…

Use the resources available below to help organize a Walk to School Day at your school!

Walk or Bike to School Day Resources

Weekly Walking and Biking Clubs, also known as Walking Wednesdays or Walking Fridays, this program works in conjunction with Active 4 me. Parents and students from all over the community make a commitment to walk or bike to school on any given day of the week for the entire year! Each student who wants to walk or bike to school receives a barcode tag to keep on their backpack. Once they arrive to school, a parent volunteer scans each tag to track trips to school - making them eligible for prizes. 

In addition, Weekly Walking & Biking Clubs raises driver awareness of children walking and biking, helps parents and children identify walking and biking barriers, promotes a more active lifestyle, and much more! 

Weekly Walking & Biking Club Resources


Drop & Walk is an alternative location where parents can drop their students off for school to avoid school parking lot congestion and to keep the streets in the immediate vicinity of the school clear. In addition, Drop & Walks (Or Stop & Walk) promote safe drop off zones, raises driver awareness of student walking, brings the school community together EVERY week, and much more!

Drop & Walk  Resources

Find a Drop & Walk in your neighborhood using this online map.

May is Bike Month is for the whole school -- students, teachers, administration and staff alike! Everyone can log their miles to compete with each other, other classes, grade levels, and even other schools! In addition, May is Bike Month promotes safe biking, supports ongoing biking programs in the community, inspires families to bike to school more often, promotes a more active lifestyle, and much more!

May is Bike Month Resources


The Bike Rodeo event provides the opportunity for children to learn the importance of bike safety, how to maintain their bikes, and the opportunity to test their riding skills by going through multiple obstacle courses. In addition, the Bike Rodeo event teaches students how to take care of their bike, stresses the importance of always wearing a helmet, promotes a more active lifestyle, and much more!

Bike Fun Fest Resources

Enrich our community by volunteering as a Bike/Walk Ambassador! You'll be teaching students and parents how to safely bike to and from school, educating Roseville's trail users on how to Share the Trail, engage the community at events, share field observations with City staff.

Become a Bike/Walk Ambassador today! For more information contact Julia Khashchuk at 746-1376 or email .

Help kids cross the street safely! Adult crossing guards help more parents feel comfortable about their children walking or bicycling to school. Hours and days are flexible, with locations throughout Roseville.

Volunteer school crossing guards help children cross the street safely, play a key role in helping to create safe, walkable streets for students traveling to and from school, remind drivers of the presence of pedestrians, be a role model for children.

To get started as a volunteer school crossing guard, call Yvonne Woosley at 774-5351 or email All training and equipment is provided.

Find crossing guards in your neighborhood by searching this online map.