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Site TSM Coordinators

Site Transportation Systems Management (TSM) Coordinators serve as liaisons between the City of Roseville and employees/businesses in the City, and they play a vital role in implementing TSM Plans for businesses throughout the City of Roseville. The Site TSM Coordinator’s responsibilities include:

TSM Quarterly Meeting Summary & Documents

Summary of TSM Quarterly Training:

Approximately 25 ETC’, representing almost 30 work locations, attended the TSM Quarterly training on June 23, 2015. Thank you to our host Adventist Health and thank you to everyone who attended the training. If you attended the meeting, please remember to update your TSM handbook, meeting attendance log.

If you missed the TSM Quarterly training, or you attended and would like copies of the handouts, below are downloadable copies of the documents. 

Sue Schooley, Alternative Transportation Analyst for the City of Roseville provided the May Is Bike Month (MIBM) employer wrap-up. MIBM 2015 was very successful as bicyclists took advantage of the good weather. In the Sacramento region 8,220 bicyclists logged 1,817,878 miles. In Roseville, 576 employees who work at local businesses logged 111,307 miles. Prizes for the MIBM promotion have been sent to the various winners and a handout with the winner’s names and work locations were distributed and is attached. We still have some MIBM t-shirts left, so if you have employees who participated and did not receive a shirt, please let Sue or Lisa know and we can get you a t-shirt for your participants.

Stacy Springer, Senior Project Manager, Breathe California spoke on their mission of Clean Air, Healthy Lungs and a Tobacco Free Future. Stacy also provided the ETCs with information on the many programs Breathe California Sacramento Chapter has to offer. These programs include asthma programs, clean air programs, tobacco programs, youth program, and public awareness and advocacy. They also have events to raise funds and recognize those employers helping to improve the air which include the Hackademy, Clean Air Awards Luncheon and the Emigrant Trails Bike Trek.

Scott Aaron, Associate Planner, from Placer County Transportation Planning Agency distributed the Spare the Air for Bucks flier (download) and explained the summer program which will run during the months of July and August. There will be monthly prizes of $25 and $100 and a grand prize of $250 if participants enter both months. There will also be special drawings on Spare the Air Days. Staff sent out an email for ETCs to distribute to their tenants and/or employees last week. Spare the Air tip cards and other marketing materials are available for transportation kiosks. Contact Sue or Lisa if you need materials. Please make sure to promote the Spare the Air for Bucks Campaign as soon as possible as the program begins July 1.

Ann Hobbs, Placer County Air Pollution Control District talked about air quality in our region. The wildfire season is upon the Western United States, and especially California. With the drought conditions, vegetation is dry and in many cases, dying thereby setting the stage for wildfires. While there are no wildfires in Placer County, there are south and north of us. Smoke from those fires can and does travel across county lines, and has the ability to cause air quality impacts. The Placer County Air Pollution Control District staff work diligently, during this time to provide information on air quality, so that citizens can make informed decisions on their health. Information on smoke can be found at the District’s website or also at A brochure on How Smoke Effects Your Health was given out at the TSM meeting. This brochure can be downloaded from the District’s website. If you need copies of the air quality tip cards or brochures, contact Sue or Lisa and we can send them to you for the kiosk.

Scooter the Spare the Air mascot made a surprise visit to the TSM quarterly training and gave all the attendees Spare the Air lip balm and ice packs, as well as many high fives and hugs. We even took a photo with Scooter.

Also, contact Sue or Lisa if you need a new TSM handbook, the updated handbooks were distributed at the January 2012 TSM quarterly training. The next TSM quarterly training will be in September, once we have a date confirmed, we will send out a Save the Date email.

On-site meetings

If you are a new ETC or haven’t met with Sue Schooley regarding your TSM plan in the past couple of years, please contact Sue or phone (916) 774-5365 or Lisa or phone (916) 746-1285 to schedule an on-site. Also contact Sue or Lisa if you need a new TSM handbook.

Our next TSM quarterly training will be in March. If you are willing to host this meeting please contact Sue.


TSM Quarterly Meeting Summary & Documents

On-Site Meetings


Sue Schooley
Administrative Analyst -
Transportation Systems Management Coordinator

(916) 774-5365

Public Works -
Alternative Transportation
401 Vernon Street
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 774-5293
(916) 746-1333 Fax
(916) 744-5220


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