Winter storms have the potential to cause power outages, flooding and traffic hazards. Plan ahead.

Remove fallen leaves
Help prevent street flooding by removing leaves and keeping storm drains clear. Place fallen leaves in your green waste bin, or bag your leaves and place them in your regular refuse bin. From November to mid-January, utilize Roseville's complimentary front yard leaf pickup service

Prepare at home
Keep an emergency kit with a battery operated radio, flashlights, free batteries and a first-aid kit.

Stock easy-to-open prepared foods, a can opener, bottled water and pet food in case of a power outage. Keep extra blankets and warm clothes in a safe dry place.

If you use an electric generator, be sure it is installed properly otherwise you put your property and utility workers lives at risk.

Visit for more ways to prepare yourself for winter storms.

During a storm, stay safe.

Stay updated
Sign up for Placer Alert (formerly Roseville Alert) to be alerted about emergency events in your neighborhood. 

Sign up for free electronic newsletters from the City.

Follow the City's social media accounts. During a storm or emergency, updates will be posted on these. We have accounts on Facebook, NextDoor and Twitter.

Power outages
Power outages may occur during stormy weather. To report an outage or for more information about power outages, call Roseville Electric Utility at (916) 797-6937 or visit our outage map at If you live outside the City of Roseville, contact Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E).

DO NOT TOUCH downed power lines

If you see a downed power line, do not touch it. Assume it is dangerous and call 9-1-1 immediately.

Tree hazards
To report downed trees and tree limbs, call Roseville Parks & Recreation at (916) 774-5748 during normal business hours. After hours or on weekends, call the police and fire dispatch at (916) 774-5000 x 1.

Stream Levels

View real-time stream levels around Roseville.

Street flooding and road hazards 
During a storm, do not walk or drive past barricades or signs warning of flooded areas.

To report localized street flooding or road hazards, call Roseville Public Works at (916) 774-5790 during normal business hours. After hours or on weekends, call police and fire dispatch at (916) 774-5000 x 1. To report street flooding for streets located in Placer County, contact Placer County Public Works.

The City only provides sandbags when creeks in Roseville are expected to reach levels that could flood homes, not just because heavy rains are predicted. To find out if the City’s sandbag stations are open, call (916) 774-5790 or visit here. To have sandbags readily available for your property, you may purchase sandbags from a local home improvement store.


Trails, particularly in low-lying areas, are subject to flooding and temporary closures due to storm events. Use caution and never enter a water covered area. 

There is a natural curiosity to want to view first-hand the rising water conditions. BE SAFE.

Rising water is dangerous. Stay away from the water and off levees. Pedestrians and vehicles on levees are prohibited, pose a danger to the public, and hinder the efforts of emergency response and flood monitors.

Do not walk through flowing water or drive through flooded areas.

Do not drive during a storm unless necessary. Turn on your headlights when it is raining. Slow down on wet streets.