Downtown Bridges & Trail Project plans to be considered by City Council

Updated January 10, 2018
The project plans, specifications and estimates for the Downtown Bridges and Trail Project will be considered by City Council at their 7 p.m. Wednesday, January 17 meeting in the Council Chambers (311 Vernon Street).  

These plans are for the upcoming phase of improvements, including: 

  • Continuation of the trail into Royer Park, resulting in a continuous 6-mile long off-street trail from Sierra College Boulevard to Darling Way

  • Refurbishment and rotation of the Rube Nelson “Icehouse” Bridge
  • Construction of the Taylor Street pedestrian bridge, connecting Royer Park to the Downtown Library
  • The new downtown pedestrian bridge, providing a direct connection between Royer Park and the Vernon Street Town Square

If project plans are approved, construction is anticipated for spring 2018 through fall 2019. 

Visit for more information. 

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