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Join us for our gardening workshops, which areRegister Online Now designed to follow key seasonal tasks to help you keep your garden healthy, beautiful and water-wise. Gardening workshops are taught by Placer County Master Gardeners, City of Roseville Water Efficiency staff and other industry experts who have the know-how to help you keep your landscape sustainable and beautiful. All workshops are hosted at the Utility Exploration Center (1501 Pleasant Grove Blvd) unless otherwise noted.

All gardening classes are $6 for Roseville residents or $8 for non-residents unless otherwise noted.

Call us at 916.746.1550 to register for the Green Gardening Workshops. Please register in advance. Due to class size limitations, we can not guarantee day-of registrations.

Our upcoming gardening workshops:

Pruning with Purpose

Saturday, January 13  • 10am - noon •
course code 81385 • $6 Roseville residents / $8 non-residents
or Thursday, January 25  • 6 - 8pm • course code 81388 • $6 Roseville residents / $8 non-residents

How do you prune to develop healthy, strong and attractive trees and shrubs? The arborists from Roseville Urban Forest Foundation (RUFF) will share their expertise on the purpose and proper techniques of pruning. Explore pruning types and cutting tools and identify where and how to make pruning cuts in this hands-on workshop.

Green Gardener at Home (10 Week Gardening Series)

Tuesdays, January 16 - March 20   • 6:30 - 8:30 pm • course code 81387 • $55 Roseville residents / $65 non-residents

Your landscape can have what it takes to be healthy, beautiful and water-wise. Join us once a week for 10 consecutive classes to gain information on improving soil health; selecting edible, native and drought-tolerant plants; using rainwater as a resource and preventing water runoff; and designing and maintaining your landscape. Classes are taught by Master Gardeners and landscape professionals to help you save money and use water efficiently. In addition to an abundance of provided resources, topics will include:

• Principles of River-Friendly Landscaping, the Watershed-approach and Rainwater Harvesting
• Introduction to Soils: Texture and Structure, Evaluation Tools, Creating and Protecting Healthy Soils
• Irrigation: Use Water Efficiently, Reduce Runoff and Greenhouse Gases, Understand Soil/Water/Plant Relationship, Manage Irrigation System
• Landscape Design: Evaluation, Codes and Regulations, Master Plan, Strategy and Materials, Finishing Details 
• Plant Selection and Placement: Native and Climate-appropriate Plants, Year Round Color, Grouping by Water Requirements
• Edibles: Benefits, Irrigation, Pest Management, Seasonal Considerations
• Pruning for Plant Health & Structure: Plant Structure and Root Systems, Pruning Tools, Proper and Improper Techniques
• Fertilizer: Why, How Much and What Kind
• Lawn Care: Maintenance, Pest and Weed Control
• Mulch & Compost: Types and Benefits, Difference between Mulch and Compost, Create Your Own
• Integrated Pest Management: Management Tools and Practices, Reduce Toxic Pesticides, Prevention

Other gardening workshops coming soon:

Fruit Tree Care

Saturday, January 20
10am - noon
$6 - 8
Course code 81386

Master Your Garden: Start with Soil

Saturday, February 10
10am - noon
$6 - 8
Course code 81381

Edibles and Herbs

Saturday, March 10
10am - noon
$6 - 8
Course code 81382

DIY Irrigation Tune-up

Saturday, March 24
Maidu Community Center
10am - noon
Course code 81384
Saturday, March 24
Utility Exploration Center
2 - 4pm
Course code 81396

Composting and Mulching Basics

Saturday, April 14
10am - noon
$6 - 8
Course code 81383