Webinar: How Much is too Much Water for Your Yard

12 - 1:00 p.m. / Friday, April 16 / FREE
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Do you often wonder how much water to use on your yard? Are you getting conflicting information from your landscaper or irrigation timer setting manual? Join us to learn key principles of irrigation management including proper plant moisture and tips to improve and maintain healthy soil.

Webinar: Summer in the Vegetable Garden

12 - 12:45 p.m. / Friday, June 25 / FREE
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The sun is shining, your garden is planted and you can almost taste the veggies of your labor. But are you getting the most from your garden? Join Master Gardeners as they discuss frequently asked questions about pest management, fertilizing, and caring for your veggies during the heat of summer. These tips will truly help your garden grow.



Webinar: How to Keep Your Landscape
Happy and Healthy

12 - 1:00 p.m. / Friday, May 14 / FREE
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Are you looking to reduce your overall water use? If so, you don’t need to go further than your yard. Join us as we walk you through ideas to keep your landscape happy. We will show you how to create a site specific irrigation schedule and how to perform those common DIY irrigation repairs!


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Composting and Mulching Basics Webinar

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Totally Tomatoes Webinar


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Fruit Tree Care Webinar

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Optimize Your Landscape Irrigation Webinar

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Irrigation 101: System Fundamentals Webinar

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Basic Drip Irrigation Webinar

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