Choosing a massage therapist

Professional massage is a relaxing experience, and can play a key role in the healing process.  It's important for the public to have confidence in a massage therapist's expertise, training and professionalism. 

In Roseville, anyone providing massage therapy must have either a valid massage permit issued by the City of Roseville, or a current certificate from the California Massage Therapy Council (CMTC) in addition to being registered with the Roseville Police Department.  The only exceptions are state-licensed medical practitioners, or those working under the supervision of a state-licensed medical professional (for example, someone providing massage in a physician's, chiropracter's or physical therapist's office).

When you go to a massage business, ask to see the therapist's City of Roseville permit or CMTC-issued identification card.  Both forms of identification include a photo of the therapist.

If someone providing massage doesn't have the proper permit, or you have any other questions or concerns, call Investigations Community Service Officer Nina Shaull at (916)746-1069.