Construction Management

Responsibilities & Duties

The responsibilities and duties of the Engineering Construction Management staff include:

  • Providing construction management for all public improvements under construction by the City or by private developers;
  • City improvements, including roadways, storm drain systems within the public right-of-way and drainage easements, grading, and work being done under encroachment permits; and
  • Providing stormwater inspection services for development and capital improvement projects over one acre in disturbed areas.

Contract Supervision

Administers contract with consulting firms for services such as:

  • Material testing and laboratory services
  • Construction Management
  • Erosion control monitoring and recommendation services
  • Preparing and updating the City's Construction Standards

Construction Management Staff 

Guy Howes
Senior Engineer in Charge
(916) 774-5430
(916) 223-7430 Cell

Construction Inspectors

Dick Chapman
Construction Inspection Supervisor
(916) 774-5441
(916) 223-7441 Cell

John Hernandez
Construction Inspector
(916) 774-5486
(916) 223-7486 Cell

Orville Chatterton
Construction Inspector
(916) 774-5347
(916) 223-7347 Cell

Tim Rath
Construction Inspector
(916) 774-5252
(916) 223-7340 Cell

Public Works Stormwater

Darrell Robbson
Construction Inspector - Stormwater
(916) 746-1321
(916) 223-7109 Cell

Guy Howes
Senior Engineer in Charge

Development Services - Engineering
Construction Management
311 Vernon Street
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 774-5339
(916) 746-1339 Fax
(916) 774-5220 TDD

Construction Inspection Services

Construction Management Mission

Our mission is to provide construction management services to Roseville residents, developers and City Departments for City right-of-way improvements.