Power Patrol Program 
Discover what energy is, where it comes from and how it is used in our homes. We can help the planet by using only what we need. Designed in stations, students experiment with various forms of electricity. Six chaperones required.

Students will:
- Become knowledgeable about energy and its many forms 
- Understand concept of electricity generation 
- Start to understand the differences in renewable and nonrenewable ways to generate electricity (renewable - wind, sun, water; nonrenewable - oil, coal, natural gas)
- Identify many ways for people to conserve energy

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Use the links below to introduce students to vocabulary and concepts discussed on your field trip.
Slides – words/definition
Worksheet - word search

Pre/Post Visit Activities
1) Energy has different forms. Have the students rub hands together. They have changed their energy of movement into the form of heat energy. How are other ways they can use their body movements to generate energy and conserve resources? (Bicycles, running, walking etc.)

2) Renewable Energy Bingo: Use the pictures to match the different sources of energy. Which are renewable and which are nonrenewable.

3) Light bulbs are energy. Ask students to identify the light bulbs in this picture. Which one uses the least amount of energy? Which one the most?

4) Students can be the teacher! Ask students what they can teach their parents about energy efficiency/conservation from this field trip.

CA Content Standards (NGSS & CCCS): Power Patrol Program State Standards