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Map Center

The Map Center digital maps can now be accessed from the City's GIS Open Data Portal.

For maps outside Roseville, visit the mapping pages for either Placer County or Sacramento County.

Aerial Maps
Section UL
2011 City of Roseville Aerial Map (42" x 70")
Neighborhood Maps
Section UL
_Citywide Map - All Neighborhood Associations
All Neighborhoods in one PDF File
Blue Oaks
Cherry Glen / Theiles Manor
Cirby Ranch
Cirby Side
Diamond Oaks
Fiddyment Farm
Folsom Road
Foothills Junction
Highland Reserve
Hilltop Circle
Industrial Area East
Industrial Area West
Johnson Ranch
Junction West
Kaseberg Kingswood
Lead Hill
Los Cerritos
Meadow Oaks
Olympus Pointe
Pleasant Grove
Quail Glen
Roseville Heights
Sierra Gardens
Sierra Vista
South Cirby
Stanford Crossing
Sun City
Woodcreek Oaks
Park and Natural Resource Maps
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Open Space and Preserve Areas
Parks, Trails and Bikways Map
General Plan Figures
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Figure 01-1. Regional Location Map
Figure 02-1. General Plan Planning Areas
Figure 02-2. Central Roseville
Figure 03-1. Roadway Functional Classification
Figure 03-2. Approved Truck Routes
Figure 03-3. 2035 Capital Improvement Program
Figure 03-4. Existing Local Transit Routes
Figure 03-5. Potential Light Rail Lines
Figure 03-6. Bikeway System
Figure 04-1. Placer County Air Basins
Figure 05-1. Open Space Areas
Figure 05-2. Habitat Types
Figure 05-3. Primary Stream System & Drainage Basin Boundary
Figure 05-4. Sites of Historical and Cultural Importance
Figure 06-1. Existing & Planned City Parks & Recreation Areas
Figure 07-1. Existing & Planned Civic & Community Facilities
Figure 07-2. Existing & Planned Schools and District Boundaries
Figure 07-3. Regional Wastewater Service Area Map
Figure 08-1. Regional Fault Map
Figure 08-2. Floodplain
Figure 08-3. Land Use - Floodplain
Figure 08-5. Existing & Planned Fire Stations
Figure 09-1. Existing Roadway Noise Contours
Figure 09-2. Future Roadway Noise Contours
Figure 09-3. Railroad Line Noise Contours
Figure 09-4. Major Fixed Noise Source Locations
Figure 09-5. Noise Sensitive Receptor Sites
Figure 10-2. Sites Available for Emergency Shelters
Planning Maps
Section UL
Land Use Map (30X40) - March 2017
Redevelopment Areas Map - October 2010
Regional Development Map - May 2015
Regional Growth Influence Map - January 2012
South Placer Co. Regional Development - February 2014
Specific Plans & Planning Areas - June 2013
Zoning Map (30X40) - March 2017
Specific Plan & Planning Area Land Use Maps
Section UL
Creekview Specific Plan Land Use Map
Del Webb Specific Plan Land Use Map
Downtown Specific Plan Land Use Map
Highland Reserve North Specific Plan Land Use Map
Infill Land Use Map
North Central Roseville Specific Plan Land Use Map
North Industrial Planning Area Land Use Map
North Roseville Specific Plan Land Use Map
Northeast Roseville Specific Plan Land Use Map
Northwest Roseville Specific Plan Land Use Map
Riverside Gateway Specific Plan Land Use Map
Sierra Vista Specific Plan Land Use Map
Southeast Roseville Specific Plan Land Use Map
Stoneridge Specific Plan Land Use Map
West Roseville Specific Plan Land Use Area
Public Works Maps
Section UL
Benchmark Layers Map
Benchmark Table
Roseville Street Map
Roseville Street Map Index
Truck Route Map


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