The seven-member commission studies and advises the City Council on cable television franchises and all utility issues related to city-owned utilities (electric, water, sewer, and solid waste). Issues include planning, rates, public information, complaints about rates or operations, and activities of utility joint powers agencies.

The Public Utilities Commission meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at 311 Vernon Street.

Current Members Term End
Samuel Cannon 6/30/2020*
Blandon Granger 6/30/2019*
Gretchen Hildebrand 6/30/2019
Debra Sedwick 6/30/2019*
John Speight 6/30/2021
John Vertido (Vice Chair) 6/30/2021
Jim Viele (Chair) 6/30/2021

*Eligible to re-apply when current term ends

Note: Agendas, Minutes, Staff Reports and Legal Notices posted on this website are provided as a public service and are not intended to serve as a part of, or a replacement for, any part of the legally required noticing or posting of these materials.

Richard Plecker
Environmental Utilities Director
Michelle Bertolino
Electric Utility Director
Karen Sainsbury
(916) 746-1704
Cheryl Hammond
(916) 774-5636


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