For Police Officer Lateral/Academy Graduate applicants we have an expedited hiring process where we try to schedule the physical agility test, oral panel interview and pre-employment questionnaire all in the same day.  All of the appointment testing times and locations are sent out by a member of the Roseville Police Department Professional Standards Unit. We try to perform the Lateral/Academy Graduate testing at least once every 1-2 months.


Applications are submitted electronically through the City of Roseville Website:  (.  Please make sure you apply for the Police Officer Lateral/Academy Graduate.  You will need to fill the application out completely and accurately.  Any questions about the application should be directed to Human Resources at 916-774-5475.

Physical Agility Test

Once your application is received and you meet the minimum job requirements, you will be invited to the Physical Agility Test. If the applicant has graduated from a POST Academy within the past 6 months, they are exempt from taking the physical agility as we use their POST physical agility test to meet this requirement.  Here is a link to a video explaining our physical agility test:

Oral Panel Interview

After successfully passing the physical agility test you will be scheduled for an oral panel interview.  You will spend approximately 15-20 minutes answering a series of questions designed to evaluate your suitability for the position. We will evaluate your ability to communicate, your level of preparation for the job, and your decision making. 


After successful completion of the oral panel the hiring authority will decide if you are moving on in the hiring process.  If you are selected to move on in the process, you will be sent numerous documents to complete.  This will include the Personal History Statement, which is an extensive collection of past residences, acquaintances, and employment information.  You will bring your completed Personal History Statement and ID to a Questionnaire session.  During the session you will complete a writing exam and a detailed background questionnaire.  The questionnaire will cover personal relationships, group affiliations, financial history, employment history, driving history, and illegal conduct (detected and undetected).  All responses will later be verified through background investigation and CVSA examination.  

Background Investigation

If you are moving on in the hiring process you will be contacted by a member of the Professional Standards Unit to start the background investigation process.  The background investigation is a very thorough investigation into your past and current conduct, relationships, and employment history.  An average background investigation can take 4-8 weeks to complete.  You will be expected to provide your assigned investigator with needed documentation in a timely and complete manner.  Dishonesty or omission of information will be cause for disqualification.

CVSA Examination

As part of your background investigation you will be required to submit to a CVSA (Computer Voice Stress Analysis) examination.  The examination is another tool used to verify an applicant’s truthfulness through the process.

Conditional Job Offer

After clearing a background investigation you may be invited to an interview with the hiring authority, usually a Captain and/or the Chief.  This is a formal job interview, after which a conditional job offer may be extended to the applicant.


Applicants with a conditional job offer will be sent to a psychological examination with a doctor prior to employment. 

Medical Exam

Applicants with a conditional job offer will be sent to a medical doctor for a medical screening prior to employment.  


More detailed information on state standards and recommendations for police officer candidates can be found on the California P.O.S.T website.

If you have questions regarding the Roseville Police Department hiring process, please contact a Recruiter at ( or call Lieutenant Scott Blynn at 916-746-1076.