Important Changes to the City of Roseville False Alarm Reduction Program

Updated March 25, 2020
In a continued effort to reduce the number of false alarms within the City of Roseville, the City has contracted with PM AM Corporation to implement and administer our False Alarm Reduction Program as of Wednesday, April, 1 2020.   

PM AM Corporation is a national company with expertise in the area of False Alarm Management Solutions. They will be responsible for alarm permit registrations, false alarm billing, and educational training and materials. 

Alarm System Ordinance (10.64) requires any alarm user to obtain a valid alarm permit. The goal of the ordinance and the City’s partnership with PM AM Corporation is to reduce the number of false alarm activations requiring a response by the Roseville Police Department, thereby redirecting public safety resources to respond to more urgent calls for service.

Existing Alarm Permits: 
For existing alarm permit holders, all account and transaction history will be transferred from CryWolf Services to PM AM Corporation.  As of Wednesday, April, 1 2020, existing permit holders will be able to visit the citizen web portal at to request a user name and password, make a payment, or update their permit information.  Once the user validates their account information on the new citizen portal, the system will email back a user name and password. 

If you are unable to complete the account validation online, please contact the Roseville False Alarm Reduction Program at 1-877-356-7885 for assistance. Although setting up an online profile is recommended, it’s not mandatory. If you don’t set-up an online profile, communication about your alarm permit will continue to come through the U.S. mail.

New Alarm Permits:

To apply for a new residential or commercial alarm permit, please visit: or complete the application in writing and mail to:  

City of Roseville False Alarm Reduction Program
P.O. Box 143367
Irving, TX 75014

For questions or for assistance with the website, please call:  1-877-356-7885