Captain Troy Burgstrom
Police Chief Troy Bergstrom has been a Police Officer since 1995 when he joined the San Mateo Police Department, and then moved to the Roseville Police Department in 2000. He holds a Master’s Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from CSU Sacramento. He is a graduate of the 252nd Session of the FBI National Academy, a 10 week executive law enforcement leadership and training program held in Quantico, Virginia. Chief Bergstrom was promoted to Sergeant in 2003, Lieutenant in 2010, Captain in 2016, and Chief of Police in 2021. Through his career, Chief Bergstrom has served in nearly every unit in the Police Department including Patrol, Crime Suppression Unit, K-9 Unit, SWAT and EOD Commander, and Professional Standards and Training. As a Captain he held positions as the Operations Captain overseeing Patrol and Special Operations Units and as Services Captain overseeing all of the Department special assignment teams like Investigations, Social Services Unit, Traffic Unit, and more. 

Chief Bergstrom serves on the Board of Directors for the Roseville Police Athletics League and is a member of several organizations including the FBI National Academy Associates, the California Chiefs of Police Association where he serves as the Region 5 Representative to the Board of Directors, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police. In his off time, Chief Bergstrom lives in Roseville with his family and enjoys skiing, traveling, and is a big sports fan.
Captain Marc Glynn
Captain Marc Glynn started his law enforcement career with the Berkeley Police Department in 2001, and joined the Roseville Police Department in March 2003. He was promoted to lieutenant in 2011 and to the rank of captain in December, 2017. He has a bachelor's degree in business management and a master's degree in organizational leadership. Captain Glynn graduated from the POST Command College in April 2015. Glynn currently manages the support services division, which includes communications, records, property and evidence, professional standards, and the public affairs unit. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, coaching youth basketball and playing sports.
Lieutenant Simon Captain Josh Simon started his law enforcement career with the Woodland Police Department in 1996.  He worked there for ten years as an officer and a detective before joining the Roseville Police Department in 2005. He promoted to the rank of lieutenant in 2015 and to captain in March, 2018. Captain Simon holds a bachelor of science degree in criminal justice from California State University Sacramento and is a graduate of the 271st session of the FBI National Academy.  He currently manages the Services Division, which includes traffic, community services, social services and investigations. 
Capt Doug Blake Formal Captain Doug Blake has been a Police Officer with the Roseville Police Department since 2003. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2016 and Captain in 2021. He holds a bachelor's of science degree in criminal justice from American Intercontinental University. Captain Blake has worked assignments in patrol, investigations, the Crime Suppression Unit, the Professional Standards Unit, and has been a use of force instructor and SWAT operator since 2005. Captain Blake oversees the Operations Division which encompasses our patrol teams and special operations teams. 
Lieutenant Jeff Kool Lieutenant Jeff Kool began his law enforcement career with the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office in 2002 before joining the Roseville Police Department in 2004. He was promoted to lieutenant in 2016.  He holds a bachelor's of science degree in criminal justice from California State University Sacramento. Lieutenant Kool has served as a member of the vice and narcotics enforcement team, SWAT, the rapid containment team, explosive ordinance disposal unit and patrol. He has also been a board member and the department liaison with the Roseville Crime Stoppers Organization for several years. Lieutenant Kool currently assigned to the patrol division, the police technology team and the explosive ordnance disposal unit (bomb squad). He also represents RPD on Placer County's Incident Management Team. In his spare time Lieutenant Kool enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, and traveling.
Lt. Kelby Newton Lieutenant Kelby Newton graduated from Roseville High School and from CSU Sacramento, where he earned a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.  He joined the Roseville Police Department in 1997.  As a sergeant, Kelby supervised the investigations unit, the SWAT sniper team, the Vice  & Narcotics Enforcement Team (VNET), the peer support team, the EVOC (emergency vehicle operation course) and the field training program.  He also supervised the newly developed threat assessment unit.  Kelby also developed the department's Business Connect Program, which promotes partnerships between local businesses and the police department.  He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on March 17, 2018.  He is currently the Investigations Unit Lieutenant and Threat Assessment Lieutenant. He has a Bachelors degree in Criminal justice and a Masters degree in Criminal Justice from California Coast University. He also oversees the K9 unit and the departments peer support program.  In his spare time, Lieutenant Newton enjoys spending time with his family. He is active in youth sports and has been a manager of several youth teams.  
scott blynn
Lieutenant Scott Blynn
started his law enforcement career in 2005 with the Sacramento Police Department.  While he served at Sacramento Police Department, he was a DUI Enforcement Officer, POP Officer, School Resource Officer and a Detective.  He joined the Roseville Police Department in 2011 where he served as a SWAT Team Member, Rapid Containment Team Leader, Patrol Sergeant and Professional Standards Unit Sergeant before promoting to the rank of Lieutenant in 2019.  Lieutenant Scott Blynn has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Sacramento State University and a Master’s degree in Emergency Services Administration from CSU Long Beach.  Lieutenant Scott Blynn is assigned to the Services Division where he oversees the Traffic Unit and Social Services Unit. He also oversees the Reserve Program, Police Cadets, Police Explorers, the Recruitment Team and the Department Awards Committee.  In his spare time he enjoys riding motorcycles, running, traveling and spending time with his family.
Lieutenant Jeff Beigh Lieutenant Jeff Beigh started his career in Public Safety in 2001, where he worked as a Paramedic and served numerous communities throughout Sacramento, CA and Minneapolis, MN regions.  In 2006, he was hired with the Roseville Police Department and served as a Sergeant in the Social Services Unit before promoting to Lieutenant in 2020.  Lieutenant Beigh is currently assigned as Patrol Watch Commander and oversees the Special Operations Unit, which includes the Roseville-Rocklin Regional SWAT Team, the Roseville-Rocklin regional Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit, and the Rapid Containment Team. Additionally, Lieutenant Beigh manages our Field Training Program, Procedural Justice Program, Tactical First Aid Program, and is on the City’s Emergency Management Team. Lieutenant Beigh holds a bachelor’s degree in Emergency Services Management, and a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership.  In his spare time, Lieutenant Beigh enjoys traveling with his family.
Police Administrator Claudia Villa

Administrator Claudia Harlan started her career in public safety at the age of 17 as an explorer with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office. While in Ventura, she promoted to a reserve police officer and a public safety dispatcher. In 2000, Claudia moved oversees and worked for the US Department of Defense in a management role overseeing a variety of facilities maintenance projects and their associated budgets. In 2008, Claudia was hired by the Roseville Police Department to supervise the Records Division, Crime Scene Investigations Unit & Property and Evidence Units. In 2010 she promoted to Police Services Manager and is currently assigned to manage the Police and Fire 911 Communications Center and oversees numerous technology projects. Claudia is fluent in Spanish and is a graduate of California State University Sacramento with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management. She also has a California teaching credential in public service.  

Administrator Harlan serves as the departments Agency California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System Coordinator (ACC), and is a member of several organizations including the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO).   When not working, Claudia enjoys time with her family, traveling, physical fitness & the outdoors..
Administrator Braverman Administrator Katie Braverman started with the Sacramento Police Department in 1999 and joined Roseville Police Department as a police services administrator in 2014. Administrator Braverman has an AA in communication from Sacramento City College, and a BA in organizational management from Ashford University. Administrator Braverman oversees Records Division, Property/Evidence and Crime Scene Investigations Units.