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Connecting Transit Services

Read more about connecting to other transit systems.

Placer County Transit (PCT)
Fixed Route & Dial-A-Ride: (916) or (530) 745-7560, TDD: (888)745-7885
Commuter: (916) 784-6177, TDD (530) 745-8732

Placer County Transit provides bus service in south Placer County outside of Roseville.
Roseville Transit connects with PCT at the Louis/Orlando and Galleria Transfer Points.

Sacramento Regional Transit (Sac RT)
(916) 321-2877 or TDD (916) 483-4327
Sacramento Regional Transit operates local bus service and light rail service throughout the greater Sacramento County area.

Roseville Transit Local Service connects with Sac RT at the Louis/Orlando Transfer Point near the Placer/Sacramento County line. Roseville Transit Commuter Service connects to Sac RT in downtown Sacramento.

Additional Area Transit Services

Auburn Transit
Serves the City of Auburn
(916) or (530) 745-7560, TDD: (888) 745-7885

Serving the City of Elk Grove
(916) 683-8726

Folsom Stage Line
Serves the City of Folsom
(916) 355-8395

Service in the City of Lincoln is now provided by Placer County Transit
(916) or (530) 745-7560, TDD: (888) 745-7885

Paratransit, Inc.
Serves Sacramento County
(916) 429-2415

Train Service

Capitol Corridor
Amtrak Capitol Corridor partners with Roseville Transit to offer a joint ticketing service. Roseville Transit connects with Capitol Corridor at the Roseville Intermodal Station at 201 Pacific Street (map it).

Volunteer Organizations

The following volunteer organizations provide transportation when public transit is not an option.

Health Express
Serves Placer County and provides travel to non-emergency medical appointments only.
(916) or (530) 745-7560
TDD: (888) 745-7885