The home(s) listed below represent another component of the City of Roseville Affordable Purchase Housing Program. Initially, these homes were sold to income-qualified purchasers. Upon written notification of resale of these homes, the City of Roseville may financially assist through second mortgage assistance (aka: down payment assistance) another income-qualified purchaser.

For the first sixty (60)* days the home is on the market, the home must be sold to another income-qualified purchaser.
*some communities require 120 days

Please contact the City of Roseville Housing Division at (916) 774-5270 or email at for details about funding availability and additional information.

(Note to current affordable homeowners: Please contact the Housing Division as instructed above before contemplating listing your home for sale. Depending on the market value of the home when you purchased and the liens on your property, the current market value may not be adequate to pay off all of your outstanding loans. The City of Roseville does not accept Short Sales, whereby the City would accept less than what is owed on all City loans, unless the affordable property is in imminent foreclosure status [i.e. recorded Notice of Default].

Currently there are no available resale properties...