Pay the Larger of the Two to Avoid an Amount Due

Roseville Electric residential and small business customers who have solar generation systems on their homes can defer payment of their energy charges (kWh) to once every 12 months. This type of billing program complies with State of California laws related to solar systems.

Roseville Electric Solar electric customers receive a monthly utility bill showing the charges for all services, but they are eligible to delay payment of energy charges (kWh) to once every 12 months. All other charges, including the monthly electric basic service charge, and water, garbage and sewer, are due and payable every month.

While solar electric customers can delay payment of electric charges, the City of Roseville encourages customers to carefully read their bills and remain current to avoid a potentially large payment due at the end of 12 months. In fact, solar electric customers can continue to pay for energy charges monthly.

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