Roseville makes good business senseWe are a place where businesses small and large find success.

The key is Roseville's ability to provide first rate services, competitive business costs, a centralized location, solid long range planning and an educated, growing population.

Roseville takes a holistic approach to creating a successful business climate by providing a solid foundation that allows companies to create, innovate and grow.

Doing business in Roseville is good business.

Economic DevelopmentOn September 20, 2017, the Roseville City Council adopted the City's new 2017-2022 Economic Development Strategy.

The Economic Development Strategy is a five year plan that outlines a framework for economic growth.

It establishes goals for capturing and expanding business investment and focuses on partnerships, sharing resources, and building on competitive advantages.

Our desired outcome is to make Roseville the community of choice for business investment and to achieve a safe environment and framework and an equitable economy for our businesses, residents and development community.

What's Happening

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Economic Development Projects


Fast Facts about Roseville
Population (2016) 134,073
Growth Rate 4.9%
Geographic Size 43.05 square miles
Elevation 164 feet
Median Household
Persons per Household 2.64
Bachelor's Degree or Higher 39% (residents age 25+)
Utility Providers
Electric City of Roseville
Water/Wastewater/Solid Waste City of Roseville
Gas PG&E