FAB Programming is Back - Starting August 16!

Checkout the FAB Activity Schedule at the Maidu Community Center.

COVID Guidance in City of Roseville Facilities
The City of Roseville continues to follow guidance issued by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Current guidance from the CDPH for entering facilities is available here. This guidance is subject to change based on future recommendations by the CDPH.

FAB Memberships
The City of Roseville is slowly returning FAB programming back to the Maidu Community Center. We recognize there are many great options starting back on August 16th, and that there is room to grow to return to pre-pandemic service levels. We cannot predict the pandemic’s future impact on FAB programming, though we recognize the need for the return of FAB services. As such, all FAB memberships are frozen and will be reinstated (with fees) January 2022. Any participants, Fifty And Better are welcome to attend free of charge through the end of the year.

Coffee Service, Food
Coffee service is not offered and we intend to bring this service back at a later date. It is OK to bring food for yourself, but at this time we ask that you do not bring food to share with others.

What's Happening

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