Reimagine the Royer Park playground

Updated March 03, 2021
If you could design a new bigger, school-aged playground at Royer Park - what would it look like? 

Through a combination of Prop 68 and City funds, we are hoping to build a larger destination-style playground to replace the current school-aged structure (not the wooden castle playground). We are currently in the planning stages for this project and would LOVE to know what you and your children would like to see in the new playground. 

To help you along, we have developed drawing sheets for the kids or you can even cut & paste the play equipment to your liking. Everyone is welcome to use the drawing sheets also or you can create your own illustrations to share.

Please send us your illustrations showing how you would "Reimagine Royer" by April 30 at

Reimagine Royer

For the little ones, you can also try this version where you can cut and paste amenities...

reimagine Royer Park playground

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