Tree replacement on Molly's Walk

Updated January 14, 2021
Trident maple tree
Removal of Chinese Elm trees along Molly's Walk (located off of Blue Oaks and Diamond Creek Boulevards) has begun. The Chinese Elms have started to cause infrastructure damage and also produce honeydew which is very sticky causing concerns on the sidewalk as well as vehicles. If the trees are not removed, more extensive infrastructure damages are expected over time due to the trees’ vigorous root system. 

All the Chinese Elms will be replaced within the next 7 years. The trees not removed in this cycle will continue to be pruned to address the encroaching branches into private property, as district maintenance funding allows.

Trident Maples, Flame Maples and Hedge Maples are replacing the Chinese Elms. The benefits of maples include requiring less maintenance, minimal potential for infrastructure damage, smaller canopies and crown to better fit the space, and amazing fall colors.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact us at (916) 774-5748.
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