ducks on Dry Creek

Please check this page for periodic postings of Environment Documents and Public Notices related to projects located within the City of Roseville. You can also view archived environmental documents here.

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City of Roseville Projects

         View Aquifer Storage and Recovery Program - Monitoring Wells - Notice of Exemption 
 View  Community Solar Project 
View Housing Element Addendum 
View Hughes Park Trail Project
View Industrial Avenue Bridge Replacement Project
View Louis Orlando Transfer Point Project
View Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan
 View Roseville Independent Redistricting Commission - Notice of Exemption
 View Routine Maintenance of Stream Channels and Drainage Facilities
 View Shadowbrook Lift Station and Force Main Project
 View South Placer County District Transportation Expenditure Plan - Notice of Exemption 
 View Woodcreek Oaks Boulevard Widening Project

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Program

View Notice of Availability
View Draft Supplemental EIR

Dry Creek Greenway East Trail Project - A Multi-Use Trail Along Dry, Cirby, and Linda Creeks from Riverside Avenue to Old Auburn Road

View Notice of Availability
View Cover
View Table of Contents 
View 1.0 Introduction
View 2.0 Summary 
 View  3.0 Project Description 
 View  4.0 Environmental Setting 
 View  4.1 Aesthetics 
 View  4.2 Air Quality 
 View  4.3 Biological Resources 
View 4.4 Cultural Resources 
View 4.5 Geology and Soils  
 View  4.6 Greenhouse Gas Emissions 
 View  4.7 Hazards and Hazardous Materials  
View 4.8 Hydrology and Water Quality
 View  4.9 Land Use and Planning 
View 4.10 Noise 
View 4.11 Public Services 
View 4.12 Recreation
 View  4.13 Transportation and Circulation 
View 4.14 Utilities 
 View  5.0 Other CEQA Considerations 
View 6.0 Alternatives 
 View  7.0 References 
View 8.0 Report Preparation
View Appendix A - Notice of Preparation 
 View  Appendix B - Comment Letters
View Appendix C - Air Quality Modeling 
 View  Appendix D - Bio Data
 View  Appendix E - GHG Modeling
View Appendix F - Fluvial Audit 
View  Final Environmental Impact Report

Oak Ridge Drive Bridge Replacement

View Public Notice
View Initial Study / Mitigated Negative Declaration
View Section 4(F) De Minimis Finding

Pleasant Grove Waste Water Treatment Plant Expansion

View CEQA-Plus Initial Study / Mitigated Negative Declaration
View Comments, Responses, and Errata
        Roseville Parkway Extension Project
 View Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration
 View Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration
 View Appendices

       Washington Boulevard / All America City Boulevard Roundabout Project

 View Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration
 View Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration
       Washington Boulevard / Andora Bridge Improvement Project
 View Notice of Availability
 View Draft Environmental Impact Report 
 View Noise Study Report 
  View  Noise Study Report Appendices 
 View Air Quality Conformity Analysis 
 View Air Quality Study Report 
 View Air Quality POAQC  
 View Resources Evaluated Relative to the Requirements of Section 4(f)  
 View Visual Impact Assessment  
 View Natural Environment Study  
 View Community Impact Assessment 
 View Draft Noise Abatement Decision Report  
 View Draft Initial Site Assessment/Preliminary Site Investigation 
 View Appendix A -  Notice of Preparation and Public Comments 
 View Appendix B - Final Transportation Study and Technical Memorandum  
 View Appendix C - Air Quality Analysis Assumptions 

Private Development Projects

View Adventist Health Headquarters
View Automall Electronic Reader Board
 View  Community Solar Project

Atkinson Self-Storage

View Negative Declaration

Baseline Storage

View Negative Declaration

Campus Oaks

View Master Plan Amendment
View Notice of Availability of an Initial Study and Addendum
View Appendix A
 View  2018 Addendum 
         Creekside C6 Retail
 View Mitigated Negative Declaration

Eureka Gateway Medical Office Building

View Notice of Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration
View Attachment 1 - Air Quality Study
View Attachment 2 - Traffic Evaluation
View Exhibit A - Site Plan
View Exhibit B - Landscape Plan
View Exhibit C - Building Elevations
View Exhibit D - Building Renderings
 View  Negative Declaration

          Foothills 30 Grading Plan
 View Mitigated Negative Declaration

          Green Acres
 View Mitigated Negative Declaration

Honda Motorsports Tree Removal

 View Negative Declaration

Huntington Senior Apartments

 View Mitigated Negative Declaration

Industrial Ave Self-Storage

 View   Mitigated Negative Declaration
 View    Notice of Determination

John Adams Academy

View Mitigated Negative Declaration
View Attachment 1 - Multipurpose Room Program Document
View Attachment 2 - Traffic Access and Circulation Evaluation
View Attachment 3 - Traffic Impact
View Attachment 4 - Arborist Report
View Exhibits A-E
View Exhibit F - Mitigation Monitoring

Johnson Ranch Storage

View Mitigated Negative Declaration

Mourier M-31 Apartments

View Mitigated Negative Declaration

NIPA PCL 25 Rezone and General Plan Amendment

View 2019 Addendum 

Parcel 49 - Lot 7

View Addendum to the Bayside Church/Topgolf Mitigated Negative Declaration

Play Care Commercial

View Mitigated Negative Declaration
View Attachment 1 - Mitigation Monitoring
 View  Exhibits
         Plaza at Blue Oaks
 View  Mitigated Negative Declaration
 View  Notice of Determination - Planning Commission Approval
 View  Notice of Determination - City Council Approval
         Recess Self Storage & Washington Crossing
 View  Mitigated Negative Declaration
         Roseville 80
 View  Mitigated Negative Declaration

Roseville Golfland East Parking Lot

View Mitigated Negative Declaration
 View  Attachment 1 - Mitigation Monitoring 
View Attachment 2 - Design Review Permit Exhibits
View Attachment 3 - Biological Resources Assessment

Roseville Industrial Park

View Notice of Preparation of EIR and Notice of Public Scoping Meeting

Roseville Old Town Lofts

View Mitigated Negative Declaration

Sikh Temple

View Negative Declaration
View Exhibits

SVSP JMC Tentative Map #2

View Addendum

Sutter Roseville Expansion 

View Notice of Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration
View Attachment 1 - Air Quality - Greenhouse Gas Analysis
View Attachment 2 - Transportation Impact
View Attachment 3 - Helicopter Flight Path
View Exhibit A - Site Plan
View Exhibit B - Landscape Plan
View Exhibit C - Elevations

Verizon Riverside Monopine

View Mitigated Negative Declaration

The Villages at Kit Carson

View Mitigated Negative Declaration

Westpark Retail

View 2019 Addendum (2nd Addendum) to the West Roseville Specific Plan EIR

Wills Rd. U-Haul

View Mitigated Negative Declaration

WRSP W-20 Coffee Shack

View Mitigated Negative Declaration
 View Notice of Determination - Planning Commission Approval
 View Notice of Determination - City Council Approval