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What is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch is a program for neighbors – a group of people living in the same area - who want to make their neighborhood safer by working together with each other and in conjunction with local law enforcement to deter and reduce crime and improve their quality of life.

Neighborhood Watch groups have regular meetings to share information, plan how they will accomplish their specific goals, and assign responsibilities to group members.  It is an opportunity to take an active role in increasing the safety and security of our homes and neighborhoods.  Neighborhood Watch empowers citizens and communities to become active in emergency preparedness, as well as the fight against crime.

Activities conducted by Neighborhood Watch groups across the country are as diverse and varied as their volunteers and the neighborhoods they represent. Some groups mobilize to actively watch over their neighborhood and report suspicious persons or circumstances to the police, others distribute crime prevention information, while home security surveys are conducted by others. Where disorder problems are the primary focus of Neighborhood Watch members, volunteers mobilize and conduct neighborhood clean-ups, or work with faith-based organizations to assist with the homeless and mentally ill who wander the streets. As law enforcement officers learn the needs of their various Neighborhood Watch groups and the dynamics of their volunteers, they can tailor activities and responses to meet the ever-changing needs of their citizens.

Benefits of Neighborhood Watch

The primary intent of a Neighborhood Watch program are to report suspicious activity, reduce crime, and increase neighborhood safety.  While beginning a Neighborhood Watch program is not a guarantee of crime reduction, studies show that neighborhoods with active Neighborhood Watch will experience an average of a 16-percent crime reduction.

Other benefits include:
An increased sense of responsibility and control. These programs help citizens feel empowered in their everyday lives, which can help reduce fear and may lead to an increased sense of personal security.

Greater unity within neighborhoods. Regular meetings bring neighbors together to talk and get to know one another. This leads to a greater sense of unity within the neighborhood and can also bring neighbors together as friends

Improved relations with law enforcement. Crime watch programs increase contacts between neighbors and law enforcement, leading to more productive and comfortable relationships.

Better community unity. Having something in common, like membership in a Neighborhood Watch Program, brings people together and builds community unity.

Improved quality of life. When crime goes down, the quality of life improves for residents. Safer neighborhoods mean happier residents and a better place to live. 

Neighborhood Watch Roles

Roseville Police Department
The Roseville Police Department encourages, and will partner with via a department liaison and neighborhood officers, our community to assist in the development of new Neighborhood Watch programs and enhance existing programs. By partnering together, crime can be prevented or reduced, and the overall quality of life can be improved.

Block Captain/Coordinator
Block captains are recommended for every 10-15 houses, and they should be directly involved with their immediate neighbors.

Neighborhood Watch Members
Neighbors who are ready and willing to participate in the NW program, including attending meetings and actively participate in the safekeeping of their neighborhood by being alert, observant, and caring – and reporting suspicious activity or crimes immediately to the police.

Click here if you are looking for the Neighborhood Watch starter guide. 

If you have any questions, contact Nina Phelps at, or call (916) 774-5050 and leave a message.

Register your Neighborhood Watch Group

Registering your NW group with the Roseville Police Department helps us to keep you up to date with crime prevention newsletters, events, and updates.
Neighborhood Watch Block Captain Registration Form
If you prefer, you can email a map of the homes in your Neighborhood Watch group to

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