BikeLink™ eLockers

Bike lockers make it easy to cycle for work, school or errands, and are great for use in combination with riding Roseville Transit or carpooling. The City of Roseville offers on-demand secure eLockers at key locations throughout the city.

Bicyclists purchase a BikeLink™ Card online from, by phone at 1-888-540-0546, or in person at the Alternative Transportation office, Maidu Community Center, or Roseville Sports Center. The rental rate of 5 cents per hour is debited from the BikeLink™ Card each time you use a locker. The rental cost covers basic service of the lockers.

Use a locker 24 hours a day, on a first-come, first-served basis at these Park & Ride lots:

Amtrak Station
Church Street and North Grant Street
- 4 eLockers (owned and maintained by Capitol Corridor)
- Served by Roseville Transit, Amtrak Capitol Corridor, and Greyhound
- 78 parking spaces

Louis Orlando Transit Center
Louis Lane and Orlando Avenue
- 4 eLockers
- Served by Roseville Transit, Sacramento Regional Transit, and Placer County Transit
- 44 parking spaces
- 2 electric vehicle charging stations

Mahany Park
Pleasant Grove Boulevard and Michener Drive
- 4 eLockers
- Served by Roseville Transit
- 42 parking spaces

Saugstad Park

Douglas Boulevard and Buljan Drive

- 4 eLockers
- Served by Roseville Transit
- 91 parking spaces

Taylor & I-80

Taylor Road between Eureka Road and E. Roseville Parkway
- 8 eLockers
- Served by Roseville Transit and Placer County Transit
- 150 parking spaces

Similar to parking spaces for cars, eLockers are shared and can serve five to seven times more cyclists than traditional bike lockers leased to only one person. It also means you can use any BikeLink™ locker in Roseville, or at other BikeLink™ locations nationwide.

Electronic Bike Locker Brochure

How do I use eLockers?

Get a BikeLink™ cardbike link
The BikeLink™ Card is sold online at,
by phone at 1-888-540-0546, or in person at the Alternative Transportation office (316 Vernon St., Suite 150), Maidu Community Center (1550 Maidu Dr.), or Roseville Sports Center (1545 Pleasant Grove Blvd.). 

Insert card
The screen guides you through a very quick process to start your rental. It’s like using a parking meter.

Park your bike
Once there’s time on the meter, the door opens. Put your bike inside, close the door, and walk away. Your bike remains secure even if the meter expires.

End rental
Insert your BikeLink™ Card, get your bike, and get your refund! Unlike a parking meter, any time you don’t use is refunded. If your meter expires you are simply charged for the extra time at 12 cents per hour.

Add value to your card
Add additional money to your stored-value BikeLink™ Card by going to or calling 888-540-0546.

Frequently asked questions.

Employment Sites

The City distributed 37 lockers to the Northern California Power Agency, Pasco Scientific, Kaiser Permanente-Riverside Campus, State Farm Insurance and NEC Electronics for use by employees. The companies were selected based on their active commitment to promote alternative commuter transportation such as bicycling and a demonstrated need for employee bicycle lockers. About 90 percent of the funding came from a grant by the California Department of Transportation’s Bicycle Transportation Account. The remaining 10 percent comes from local transportation funds provided by the City of Roseville. 

Call (916) 774-5293 or email us with questions about bike parking at your location. 

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